Key: more serious.


Hey, I remember this thing! Huh. Remember how I used to write stuff in it, and then people would comment on that stuff, and it'd be FUN TIMES? Remember that??

Funny how things change, innit.

Anyway I think I'm leaving Nexus. Like, for good. Maybe move to Vegas permanently, start livin la vida... um, good. Ricky Martin WISHES his haircut was as gay as Greg's.

So. Yeah.

((Actually, this is my way of saying that my paid icons for Key are running out and... I don't think they really NEED to be renewed because I never play her anymore. Lolz.))
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Key: upset


This is the most depressing thing I've ever seen in my life.

I can't do anything about it, either. And that's the worst part.
Key: the key (illustrated)

keep the nightlight on inside the birdhouse in your soul

I've been so busy lately as to not write in this thing. That's depressing. Well, now I am!! So there. Ha.

So um, things are going good. I think I'm actually getting more in shape, which is bizarre. My migraines have come back, though, quelle surprise. I think I might just be over-exerting myself, though. I haven't been taking much time for myself lately.

Speaking of that, where's Pollymom? I want to talk to her about my um job.

I miss my fambly.
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Key: Converse All-Star


I'm only gonna do this for the characters that actually have RELATIONSHIPS with other characters. IE, the ones I actually PLAY on a somewhat regular basis.
I play Key (key_to_me, duh), Dorothy Gale (galeforcehero), Veronica Sawyer (ques3ra_s3ra), Eve Brown from Arkham (eve_monochrome), Paul (emperoricecream), Ione the Mermaid (mergirl_gone), Glinda the Good Witch of the South (glinda_thegood) and uh.... oh hell, let's throw in Velcro (winged_terror_) while I'm at it. And Fizzy (bubblehead_pony). Because I'm psychotic.

Which of my characters:
1. Is your favorite?
2. Is your least favorite?
3. Has the best PB choice? Or icons?
4. Has the worst PB choice? Or icons?
5. Would you not miss if I killed?
6. Would you harm me if I killed?
7. Would you consider dating/sleeping with?
8. Would you likely get in a fist fight with?
9. Would you probably be friends with?
10. Should I play more?
11. Should I play less?

Are any of my characters:
12. Considered datable by yours?
13. Considered friends by yours?
14. Considered enemies by yours?
15. Looked up to by yours?
16. Looked down on by yours?